• I have Vanda's eye report from when her eyes were tested when she was about 6 weeks…

    Number 1 pup, "has pupillary membranes which, in this dog, is too young to say if they are persistant, or not". That is the direct quote from her report. This eye specialist badly wanted to get her back for another eye test, in 4 weeks, when he believes she would be 'clear'. I am once again confuddled by this. The way I see it, she still has the pupillary membranes across both her eyes, so surely this report should read Minor PPM in both eyes, or something along those lines. The specialist wanted to give her the diagnosis of Pupillary Membranes, cos he doesnt believe they are persistant :(:(:(

    I thought, (and please correct me if I am wrong...), that the disease PPM is called Persistant Pupillary Membrane because, these membranes should be completely gone in puppies by the time they are born ??? When Vanda was tested at approx 6 weeks, they are still there, no matter how little it is, so therefore her diagnosis is Minor PPM. I know that if I take her in for retesting, in a couple of months, she may be clear, but her diagnosis IS PPM... Yes, or No ???

  • There is no real agreement about this. I often can't get my puppies in for an opthamologist appointment until they are after 8 weeks because the vet is usually booked especially if I want to bring in several dogs and therefore needs a big block of time. So many people don't even look at the eyes until 8-10 weeks old. CERF will record the PPM result but will also record the later result of NORMAL. Rio had a single strand of iris to iris PPM in one eye when she was CERF'd as a puppy. The vet said if I brought her in a week later she would be Clear and she has CERF'd clear as an adult. For me it is something to keep track of but not something I would get too hung up about. At least that is the approach I have taken.

  • I agree with lvoss, nothing to get too worked up about….. I never do mine until 9wks if possible. My ophthamologist prefers 9 or 10 wks.... anything else is too early in her opinion

  • Hi guys,

    Sorry about the late reply, my keyboard has been on the blink for a good few days, wouldnt let me type…

    I think I will put her on the OFA site as Minor PPM in both eyes, and no matter what her next eye test reveals, I will keep it as that :). Thats my understanding of the disease, and its what I feel comfortable with :)...

  • CERF is only good for one year, so even if you do that, the next time you have her eyes done and if there is no PPM, that is how it will be recorded. There is no catagory as Minor PPM. Here are the CERF catagories


    One other thing, it would be when the eyes open, not when the pups were born since they are still developing…..

  • Just another quick question, or 2… again !!!

    Am I only able to get my dogs CERF'D with the 3 Vet Opthalmologists, that are listed on that site, Dr Blogg, Dr Dutton, Dr Whittaker and Dr Smith, (Many moons ago, I worked in the same practice that Dr Jeff Smith was practicing !!!), in Australia ??? If thats the case, I wont be able to do it, as all 3/4 are interstate :(.

    Next question is... Is there a special form to take with me to the Opthal appointment ??? I couldnt find anything on that site, Tanza, but admit I was only having a very quick look at the site 🙂

  • Tanza…

    Thanks for the clarification of when their eyes are open, not at birth 🙂

  • Yes, you are only able to get CERFed with a vet who is listed on the CERF site. Of course you should still see a vet opthalmologist even if there's no CERF vets in your area to get the same type of exam done so you know the results.

    Yes, there is a specific form, but the CERF vets already have them and will provide them for you when you arrive for your appointment. Sometimes they might give them to you ahead of time to start filling out if you have many dogs to do. Although since it looks like you won't be getting a CERF exam then no, you won't need a specific form in your case.

  • How bl%*dy disappointing :mad::mad:

    I was really hoping to get all of the dogs Cerf'd, (well the ones that were able to be, of course…), so it looks like that wont be happening now:(:(.

    Next question is... Is anyone able to let me know exactly what the CERF approved Specialists, test for, please ??? If I cant get their results up on the OFA, I suppose the next best thing is to at least ask my Eye Specialist do all the testing needed...I will of course get this done, Im just disappointed that I cant get their results up there, cos there are only 3 CERF approved Specialists in the whole of Australia...

    Going off to sulk now :mad::mad:.

  • Didn't I send you a copy of CERF form? If not I will resend next time I turn on the computer upstairs. probably tomorrow morning.

  • Oooooooooops…

    That does ring a bell, I will check and get back to you ⭕o

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