Dogo Habari litter 7.5 weeks

Here are some pics of the little monsters and also a video of them playing with their Aunts/Uncles who are 9 days younger than them. A little herd of hippos.:p

Pics in order: Bart, Johnny, Magic, and the Tri.

Cute Babies… hey Arlene, who is the puppy with the "big" white tip for a tail? I assume it was a "aunt/uncle"? Who's litter is that?

Pat, that is 'Esmerelda' out of Kiri and Wili. It is Sue Wilcox's litter. Wili is Damisi's Sire, and the nephew of Wylie. He is Bluestones Ubor Wili Duara and I think Diana can help with Kiri's name. My file is MIA on this hard drive.

Wonderful video..thanks for sharing.

Great looking little blacks :).


Great looking, happy puppies..

I love them!

Hello Arlene,

We're looking forward to seeing them all at the puppy party. [sigh] too bad you didn't have a female tho…the boys look good though!



I know-I would have wanted a couple too!

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