Princess in KS (Petfinder)

She's a little overweight and looks very unhappy (irritated) in these photos. But pretty Tri girl

She has a nice coat and markings.

Just called about her. She is about 4 years old, spayed, no other problems noted. Adoption fee $175.
Previous owner said she escapes from the kennel, but has not done it in foster's home yet. Mostly she is a couch potato.

I was thinking of her for my MIL, since Estelle passed away, but my MIL is pretty set on a senior.

Oh, and the rescue has not been contacted by BRAT. Maybe BRAT could contact and at least provide guidance re: strip testing, or see if they can identify a breeder?


Princess is in a foster home in Leawood, Ks with that knowledge I can assure you she is in a nice home. Leawood is know for money that is my sister city. I can call them see if know breeder or testing.

Rita Jean

Up Date I just spoke with lady that has her and here is the dirt. She got her 2 year's ago from a shelter in another city as she does resuce for another breed but took her. She was a stray on the streets. Princess was adopted out to a man she said and was kept for two years and then just while back brought her back to this lady said I am done I do not want her anymore. So the answer to testing who knows who know's were she really came from and who the breeder really was. Fanconi I ask about and the comment I do not know anything about that or even what it is. She is really a love I do hope she get's that forever home this time.

Rita Jean

Yeah, I talked to the foster. She seemed really nice, so I am sure she is in a good foster.

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