URGENT-KS-Wellington-2 Yr. Old Tri Female African-On Craigslist

  • Looks PB but owner does not know if she is! She is a rescue. The picture shown is not her but what she looks like. Is intact but no mention of vaccines. Wants her to go to a home familiar with Bs or Jack Russells. Needs to place ASAP as she does not have the financial means to take care of the dog.

    Wellington is approximately 35 miles directly South of Wichita. Is there anyone nearby that could contact her or see this dog? Could someone send this to BRAT? I believe this is not too far away where someone was trying to get rid of some Basenjis earlier this year but I do not know if this dog is part of those.

    Here is the ad:



  • Has anyone contacted this person and received a photo?


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