• Natural Balance makes a sensitive diet for older dogs and it can be used as a complete diet for puppies as well. It doesnt contain soy, wheat, corn or rice….Duck and Potato....I have been feeding it to my adult B and will be soon feeding the wet food to the new puppy. They say no supplements are needed. This food doesnt have preservative and usually can be purchased at a feed store.

    Another quality brand food is Innova.....

  • The Natural Balance Rolls are great for training treats. You can cut them into nice pea sized bites and since it is a complete food it can be substituted for their normal food. Mine dogs love it. We buy a large roll and cut up and keep it in a canister in the fridge so we have some on hand when we need it.

  • wow thats a great idea….i dont know if my feed store carries these...i may have to order them....

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