• Found this on the Public Relations newswire. No doubt the vampire movies are starting to influence our naming decisions.

    'Bella' Beats Out 'Max' for Top Dog Name
    BREA, Calif., Jan. 4 /PRNewswire/ – For six years in a row, Max ruled the top spot. But in an upset that is sure to have dog owners talking, Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI), the nation's oldest and largest provider of pet health insurance, has declared Bella the most popular dog name of 2009. VPI crunched the numbers on its more than 475,000 insured pets to determine this year's most common names, and Bella beat out Max by more than 400 dogs. Fans of Max, however, can rest assured that for cats, that name is still top dog - er, top cat.

    Dogs Cats

    1. Bella 1. Max

    2. Max 2. Chloe

    3. Bailey 3. Bella

    4. Lucy 4. Oliver

    5. Molly 5. Tiger

    6. Buddy 6. Smokey

    7. Maggie 7. Tigger

    8. Daisy 8. Lucy

    9. Chloe 9. Shadow

    10. Sophie 10. Angel

  • My mom picked Bella because of Supernatural. One of the boys was Dean but she didn't use Sam since that is my husband's name. Instead she went Clark for Clark Kent and Blaze for Johnny Blaze, there was a superhero theme to their puppy names. Clark and Dean have new names but Bella and Blaze kept their puppy names.

    My girl Sophie was named for the character in Howl's Moving Castle.

  • Buddy is at #6. I named him that because he's very friendly and will be your buddy. What's funny is when we walk by people and they automatically say to him "hey buddy". And I'll say "how'd you know his name"! They laugh and say "really"?

  • Houston

    I have a cat named Lucy, my cat that passed last year was Daisy and the cat before that was Molly..The names are right, just the wrong type of 4 legged..lol.

  • I picked Abbey because I just wanted her to have a sweet feminine little girl name (what was I thinking?) and now every other dog we meet at the park is Abbey including a dalmation and a golden retriever!

  • Cant help saying that I am glad my dogs/cat names arent there :D. I really do like unusual names for my pets…

  • Oooh, I love Supernatural!! 😃

    Why is Maya not on that list? I think thats a lovely name 😃 (I know, i know, im biased…!)

  • I like Maya. 🙂

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