NEED a male puppy send to Mexico!


I'm from Mexico City, and I'm certain that the dog I want to be my friend for the next years is a male Basenji. Actually, I would prefer a Tri-color male… but if the puppy is cute I wouldn't mind if he is not.

There are no proper breeders in Mexico, just families that decide to sell their puppies ocassionaly... but they're really hard to find. Actually... that's a good business opportunity for american and international entrepreneurs/breeders, since I know the market would be willing to accept this breed, whick is somewhat unknown in my country.
Well.... returning to the point, I joined the forum to look for breeders willing to send dogs to Mexico City.

If you happen to be a breeder please contact me:
Or if you know somebody that knows somebody, please copy this post and email it to him/her.

Best regards,

Pd. Sorry for my english, my grammar still sucks a little.

Have you been on the Basenji Club of America website? There is a listing of breeders that you could contact and many will place a pup in Mexico. It is a good site to visit and become familar with health concerns in the breed and also how to find a responsible breeder.

By the way, your English is very good.

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