An Early Birthday to Lycia

You have to love how all of our B's share birthdays so close to each other.

I'm not exactly sure how it happened, but my Lycia is 2 years old this 22nd of December!! As I will be in the air on the 22nd I thought it appropriate to wish her a early birthday. And my goodness how many changes and we have gone through. It's been a tough year, especially having to part with Lycia for 6 months. Anyway I'm proud of her, and looking forward to seeing her in Scotland soon. As well, my deep gratitude to Janneke for her abundant generosity in playing step mom for these past few months. 🙂

Happy Birthday my dear! Can't wait to see you soon!!
❤ mum

Nice pictures best soon to see mom. Happy Birthday Lycia have a good one.

Rita Jean

Basenji people really are a special breed.


Such cute pictures Lauren..I know you must miss her so much..soon, soon she will be with you again..soon.

Happy second Barooday, Lycia..

Happy Birthday Lycia :).
By the way, Lycia and our Bujumbura celebrate birthday on the same day :D.

Happy early birthday Lycia!!
I know Janneke and I know she will have a great day 🙂

That second pic….... she LOVES to sleep that way! It really doesn't look that comfortable to me.. :rolleyes:

We'll make sure she has a great Birthday!! Maybe a visit to the Zoo......? Who knows.. 😉

Yesterday I uploaded a lot of pics. You can find them here:

Happy second birthday Lycia

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