No, I am not curious….

Shakti and our r/w Basenji male from Moscow… 😉

Haha, great picture! That's one way of reminding her what that table is for! 😃

That is great picture I love it. Hey what are you doing over there on my table short stuff.

Rita Jean

Great photo. I love the all black look…neck, muzzle, a shadow.

Just waiting for him to leap onto that table to check out the tiny basenji.

Pretty Shakti! Checking out the new stud in the house 😉


Looking so pretty..Great picture.

haha Great picture!!!

She is thinking… how on earth does he get so tiny? now I can't play with him.. sigh

Shakti is so elegant! So tell us - how long did it take for her to jump on the little interloper?

to be honest, she did not jump from the bench to the table as the gap seemed to be too dangerous for her…. well..... She is and was my personal "Mexican jumping bean" but she does not jump for distances only for hight.... but this is what she does really good. Almost one Year old she jumps about 1,60 m at least she can get to the hight of my ears, while I am standing....

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