• Hi, My name is Cheryl but lots of folks call me Wordweaver. I am currently the foster mom to a Besenji/Terrier Mix. At least that is what I think he is. I found him wandering in our neighborhood with no id, no chip, no collar, no tatoo. He was in the neighborhood for about two weeks and it was obvious that he was not going home to anyone since he was losing weight.

    He is a very sweet young dog. I took him to our local Veterinary Hospital to see if he was micro-chipped. He was not. In order to leave him there to kennel, he had to be up to date on shots, etc. I couldn't just take him to our local animal shelter. It is a small county run operation that can only hold dogs for 72 hours and they don't have the staff to do adoptions, etc.

    I decided to go ahead and pay for this dog's shots and get him tested for worms. He tested positive for Hookworm and early positive for heartworm. He is now de-wormed for the hook, has all his shots and will be neutered tomorrow. I am currently out of funds so I can't start his heartworm treatment yet.

    I would love to adopt him but I don't have a fenced in yard and I am a full time care taker for an elderly parent.

    I have been trying to find a home for this sweet dog. He is around a year old. and is a brownish/red and white color. He was obviously abused as he is very shy around unexpected loud noises and raised hands.

    He hasn't barked except for once which was a breathy bark and he has only whined a few times. He is very quiet and every time he sees me when I come to visit, he runs to me and wants to cuddle.

    We are calling him BeeGee and my avatar is a pic of him. I found this forum and joined so I could see if there are any rescue groups near me. I will be posting more in the rescue forum.

    I have fallen hook, line and sinker for this fellow and want him to find a great home.

    When not getting caught up in the life of a stray pup, I am medically retired, a full time care provider for my mom and enjoy reading, swimming and scrapbooking.

    I look forward to meeting folks here and finding all the information I can to help me find a good home for BeeGee.

    Thanks! Oh yes, I live in the southeastern part of North Carolina in Bladen County.


  • Hi Cheryl

    Please contact Basenji Rescue & And Transport. They also help find places for Basenji Mixes as well. I do hope this little guy finds a home. You're really a kind hearted person.

    Here's the website.



  • Thanks, I have contacted them and they are working with me too.


  • A tribute to you! The world needs caring, kind people like you!
    Got my fingers crossed that BeeGee will get a good home.

  • Welcome Cheryl and also hoping BeeGee finds the perfect forever home!

  • Hi and welcome to the forum. Got any pics of that basenji mix?

  • After a few days of figuring, talking and praying, I have gotten our backyard fenced and have adopted Beeji (we changed the spelling just to be odd, I guess but we still pronounce it bee-gee)

    Beeji has made himself totally at home. He sleeps in his new crate by my bed at night and then takes over the couch by day, unless I am in my room on the computer and then he takes over my bed!!

    I have three photos of him in the members gallery. He is a real sweetie and loves to be loved on. The only scare was the day they finished the fence and I took him out to check it. The guys had to restretch a small corner and when they opening appeared, Beeji went through it and disappeared! I was totally bummed out but a few minutes later he was back with a little friend. The cutest little Jack Russell female. They played like mad and then I put Beeji in the house and told her to go home. She headed off and I haven't seen her since. She had on a nice collar but no tag. She was plump and well cared for so I am hoping she belongs to someone in the neighborhood.

    Since then, Beeji hasn't gotten out of the fenced yard, but I haven't just left him out there alone! He loves the big fenced yard and has a speed of light gait that sends him around in just seconds. Today he finally played with his orange ball in the yard. He would run at it, grab it and toss it up in the air and then pounce on it when it landed and toss it again!

    So I am now going to have to really read up on Basenjis and learn as much as I can so I can keep him healthy, entertained and busy!!!!

    Looking forward to meeting more folks on this forum. And would love to know if there are any NC folks on here. No one in the neighborhood or surrounding areas seems to know what a Basenji is so when I mention that I get lots of blank looks.

    Anyway, the Basenji adventure begins!!


  • Good for You, that's great. They have a way of working on you don't they?

    I don't think you'll regret keeping that B.;)

    Welcome to the forum, enjoy!

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