AJ and his girlfriend

Dixie is AJ"s oldest friend. She's a pretty little miniature Dachshund. Whenever we make it to her area, he gets to hang out with her. She's more tolerant than most dogs with his antics.:)

They were sitting at the door waiting for me and Dixie's "mama" to go back in.


What a lovely picture. They look like a nice couple

We have Gus, minature dachshund in a regular dachshund body..eeek.
He loves to sleep with Otis but that is were he draws the line…anything else Otis drives him crazy..LOL.

Cute pic, i like Dachunds

Ahw.. What a nice couple..! Wouldn't they produce the cutest Dachsenjis?!? (just kidding of course..;))

Janneke: That was funny! LOL!!!:D

They are very cute together nice friends. AJ could have all kinds of friends when you on the road your close to any of us we could all meet up.

Janneke your great.

Rita Jean

That's a great shot Belinda! They look great together. We had 2 Dachshunds when I was little. They would get out of the yard and Mom and I would be running down the street after them.

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