• Should I have titled this "the humanization of dogs part 3"?:D

  • Now, some if this is going waaaaaay overboard! I think if anyone put my underwear on the dog I'd have to, well, kill 'em!

    The ones where they are actually made to look like small people, the owners need help. And the Weimeraner (spelling?) knows she looks ridiculous. And isn't happy about it.

    But ya' gotta admit, the hot-dogs are funny. I don't think that owner went too far.

    Thanks for digging these up, Dan!:D

  • I'd never put it on Medjai, but I find the costumes that turn the dog into a horse with it's own little cowboy hilarious.

  • I would not put any of those onto Jaycee but the main thing here is "Some people never have kids". Some people cannot have kids and some have lots of money and to them this is there child.

    Everyone has to have something to love so it is a dog, cat, rabbit, bird while we may not like what they do with there dogs. If they knew each of us they may not like the way we have raised our children.

    Rita Jean

  • I think the costumes are pretty funny though I wouldn't do it. Most dogs are go with the flow for a couple of hours and if the dog's not miserable or really uncomfortable it's their business. My last 2 Basenjis would wear sweaters for a walk when it was really cold but when the walk was done it was "get this off me now"!. Now I haven't tried putting a sweater on Buddy because it has not been very cold and his fur is pretty thick but I'm pretty sure he would rip off a costume in a minute. I was in Target on Sunday and they had dog costumes, even had the hot dog one.

  • I've seen these all before, but I still love the spider and the hot dogs…:D:D:D

  • LOL. THANKs for the good laugh. What a HOOT! We talked about tu tus for the boys, but I will NOT spend $25 on each dog for something they would probably EAT. And then get sick!

  • Some of the costumes are very clever, feel sorry for the Weirmeraner (know i've spelled it wrong), it looks downright embarrased.
    Didnt dress up Benji and Max, exept for a santa hat and christmas wreath.
    Also Benji had utility clothing, that is a knitted jumper and a wax jacket. He only wore the coat in very bad weather and also the jumper. Have to say it seemed to give him a lot of cofort to be warm and cozy in his old age.
    He used to enjoy having the jumper on, trouble was it seemed to make Max fancy him for some reason and he would try to hump him.Or maybe he thought Benji had lost the plot and he was trying to dominate him and become top dog 😃

  • http://www.andiesisle.com/GoD_and_DoG.html

    I wasnt sure where to put this,but I cried when my friend sent it to me and I thought of all of you. 🙂

  • jonny b. Thank you so much for sharing that. It is soooo true. 🙂

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