• This weekend we had a basenji family reunion with Lenny his parents Mojo and Cleo and Lennys sister Roxy! Lenny and his dad Mojo were having a BLAST playing together! The girls spent lots of time… being bitchy. ha ha. What else is new!?

    Lenny! Who's your daddy!!?!?!? 🙂

    Lenny and his mom and dad!

    Roxy checking Tayda out…

  • Houston

    So much great fun. They look like they had a ball at the reunion..good to see.

  • All of the pictures are great and thank you for sharing I have to voice on a few please.

    4 I liked it cause you could see all 4.

    5 Looks like ready for B-500.

    6 Can you see me now (under edge of bed)

    7 Love that mouth wide open.

    9 I got your paw.

    Rita Jean

  • There were actually 5 B's total! I just looked and it doesn't appear I got any pics with ALL 5! I guess Tayda was camera shy. She's not in too many pics. Here are some more with 4 though….

  • Houston

    Wow, how was that in a hotel room, kind of crazy? It is crazy with two in our livingroom and it is all of 1000 sqft, so I can imagine it was fun..

    Great pictures..

  • Yeah, it was in a hotel room. We snuck them in. shhhhhh…...

    your living room is 1000 sq ft? My whole house is 1200 sq feet! Guess it's true that everything is bigger in Texas! 😉

  • I love it all those B's looks like big Red fun day. Thanks seeing all these pictures makes my day much better.

    Rita Jean

  • My whole house is 1050 sf and why do the bs want to play WHEVER YOU ARE?????:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

    If I sit on the bed, they pounce on the bed. I get up, they stop. I go in the kitchen, oh gee, here they come. I sit on the couch, I get trampled on.

    I wouldn't have it any other way.:p

    Your hotel room looks like it was a whole lot of fun!!!!! Thanks for posting pics!

  • When my grandfather built there last house he added on family room but his name for this room was. The room for all drunks and dogs god bless him great room to have. I do not know sq ft on this house but my livingroom sure is not 1000 sq ft would not want to heat or cool that for sure.

    Rita Jean

  • Very nice pictures! Looks like Lenny's Mom and Dad know him…the way they're playing... Did you get the feeling they knew they were all kin? All are adorable pics. How lucky you got everyone together!

  • Yeah, I was wondering that before we got there, if they'd all recognize each other. It's been almost 2 years since they last saw each other. I definitely think they did recognize each other! I've never seen Lennys tail wagging it was! It was like a little helicopter propeller! Very cute and fun to see. He was jumping around like a crazy dog playing with Mojo. A few times he accidentally jumped off the bed and just hopped right back on like nothing happened.

  • Houston

    Well our house is about 2600 sqft, with majority in two large rooms on the center of the house, think ranch style..so it makes a perfect circle around and around and around for dogs af all sizes and breeds to run, unfortunately..and kids too.Haha.
    It is all terazzo floors so no damage and our house is very open, think no damage again..they are lucky..
    We came from a small 1050 sqft house in the oldest part of town, now we are 30 minutes northwest of that and we bought this house with 1/2 acre for less then what we got for our tiny house in the city..nuts..

    I love the fact that you got all of them together, really cool.

  • I can only imagine what the people in the next room were thinking, lol.

  • Looks like everyone had a blast - a basenji brawl! :D:D:D I had 2 in a hotel room with me in April - I can't imagine 5! :D:D:D

  • Houston

    The good thing is at least they don't bark…

  • @Tayda_Lenny:

    Yeah, it was in a hotel room. We snuck them in. shhhhhh…...

    I guess you got real lucky they didn't all start to Baroo at the same time… I think someone would have noticed that... lol Great pictures

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