• I don't remember who, but someone suggested a "Where's AJ?" game. Ok, here we go:

    The tallest woman in the world lives here.
    There is a town named after a famous wintertime fat man.
    Half of the crop land is planted with what grows behind me.
    This state is also known as the "Mother of Vice Presidents"
    We were near the main city around Memorial Day and the sound of those cars scared me!


  • i'm going to take a guess Illinois?

  • Memorial Day weekend car race - has to be Indy 500 - so Indiana. 😃 Otherwise it is the Monaco GP…and well, that isn't in the US!!! 😉

  • answer deleted

  • The mother of vice presidents also gives it away…but with my member name of RenaultF1, I figure I had to give an answer on the Indy500. Not to mention, I usually go to the Indy500 - this year was the first one I've missed in a while.

    Oh, and because I'm addicted to Formula 1 (F1 hence RenaultF1), I follow the Monaco GP with live timing on my cell phone (while in the car on the way to the Indy500) as I can't stand not knowing the results for a week. We stay at Wright Patterson AFB in Ohio and they don't have Speed Channel. :D:D Memorial Day is a great racing weekend!

    My May/June for years was...go to Indy 500 Memorial Day weekend, 2 weeks later go to Montreal for the Canadian Grand Prix, 1 week later go back to Indy for the US Grand Prix...really fun!

  • Neat game nice of you to take time and do the game AJs Human.

    Rita Jean

  • Ms. Rita Jean: I had a blast setting this up. There will be more to follow….:D

  • Just saw this. Great fun. Indianapolis, perfect city to start with AJ (Foyt):D or are you in Shelbyville??

  • First Basenji's

    I'm so glad that you decided to do the "Where's AJ?" game. Can't wait to see more!

  • Yes, I'm going with Indy also. Hey, Renaultfi, the planes from Wright-Pat fly over my house almost every day. Where do you stay?

  • Officer's quarters on the AFB. We've stayed in the Hope Hotel (suites) a number of times. I usually go with a retired AF officer and a Naval officer (now a naval attache in another country) - I'm a civilian, but they hook me up.:D:D Oh, and I'm the only girl on the trip - actually all my racing trips - all with different groups of guy friends. 🙂

  • ms. renaultf1:

    I will have to be careful about Alabama then? I drive past Talladega Speedway fairly often. I was actually considering using the flags as a backdrop, but you'd nab that one, eh?
    It's nice to know I'm not the only woman who understands things with wheels, although I do not follow racing much. (GO DODGE!)

  • Wow! Its something, I just talked to my mom who said my brother can't be around for Dad's birthday 'cause he'll be in Talladega:):) Psst…. where's AJ??

  • Bart:
    Check out "Game Continues"

  • @renaultf1, kinda figured it would be on base as there aren't that many places off base to stay. Dad is retired USAF.

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