• As much as I love to see photos of everyone's beaties, some pictures are exceptionally large for my computer screen (and I suspect for others as well). It loses something when one has to scroll back and forth in addition to up and down. Would some of you mind downsizeing your photos please before posting. Thanks.

  • Good point wizard. We have written up a thread talking about how to resize your photos: Picture Help: How to add and resize pictures in your post**

    My Images Are Too Big, How Can I Make Them Smaller?**

    Most digital cameras take megapixel images that are too big to fit on computer screens. Resizing them smaller also helps to speed the transfer to display the image, especially for dial-up users.

    Check out the software that came with your digital camera. Usually that free bundled software does a decent job of resizing. Your image works best when it is resized to fit on an average screen. The sizes 360 x 480 pixels or 640 x 480 pixels are best. That is much smaller than most digital camera photos.

    If you are not a whiz at resizing images, go directly to ImageShack: http://www.imageshack.us/. Check the box for Resize Image and choose 640 x 480 or the next one smaller when you upload. Your image will then be automatically resized. Windows XP users have a built-in utility to resize images for sending by email.

    Also if all else fails and you can not resize your images try these free programs called Infran View and Pixresizer. You can download them here:

    InfranView: http://www.tucows.com/preview/194967
    Pixresizer: http://bluefive.pair.com/pixresizer.htm

    Or you can also try these online resizing and editing tools, which do not require any installation or downloading and work right in your browser.


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