• I adopted a female basenji mix (mixed with what, I have no idea) from a shelter 2 months ago. She just turned 1 year old last month. I am her third home in 10 months. And prior to that she had already been in 2 shelters. I knew she was going to be a handful, but trying to train her has been quite the experience! I actually think she is the one training me!

    Needless to say, I will be spending most of my time here in the Behavioral Forums since those seem to be the biggest issues we have at the moment. 😉

  • Welcome to you. What is your B/mixes name? I beat Basenji Boy to the post to say. please post a photo soon!! 😃 It's a real fun place to learn lots! I am a newbie too. Joey is my first B, r&w and actually very well behaved. I got him from the breeder at 10 months so he had lots of training in him already. I am spoiled!!! (Duh, just reread your post and her name is probably Monet? Alright, no snickering from the peanut gallery!

  • Hi Monet, Welcome! I live in Birmingham. My little B Abbey is 3 years old and still a handful. I don't think they ever grow up, they just stay toddlers all their lives! I got Abbey from a couple in Morris who own the mom and dad. My first one many years ago came from the humane society for the price of 3 dollars. Stick with yours and don't give up on her like all those other folks did. You can find some great training advice here, so be sure you come often.

  • @JoeyQ:

    I beat Basenji Boy to the post to say. please post a photo soon!! 😃 It's a real fun place to learn lots!

    :eek: OK OK:eek: …......so I love the pictures.:D 😃 😃 😃 The "Show off your dog" section is a great place to see so many different beautiful B's.......please add your's to the collection.:D 😃 😃

    Welcome to the forum Monet, great source for Basenji information and fun.....enjoy!:) 🆒

  • Thanks for the welcome! 🙂

    My B's name is Monet. I didn't name her. She was named Monea by her first owner. I didn't want to change her name since she had already had so much chaos in her life already, so I changed the spelling. I also have a 4 yr old golden retriever/australian sheperd/chow mix (with the emphasis on 'mix') named Finley. I didn't get to name him either. I adopted him when he was two. They are great buddies, and they look so much alike people ask me if they are brother and sister!

    I will post some pictures of both of them soon.

    No worries about me giving up on Monet. 🙂 She is precious, and even if she never becomes an obedient well-trained dog, and even if I have to basenji-proof the house for the rest of her life, she is here to stay! 🙂

  • Don't worry–they do eventually calm down. My Max starting calming down when he was about 14....no, I meant years, not months ..... 🙂 Max is gone now (bless his dear little basenji heart), but my house is still basenji proofed, so I will be prepared for my next one or two......

  • Hi and welcome Monet! Looking forward to seeing pictures of your fur-kids!

  • Welcome Monet!! I am always inspired by people who adopt their dogs from shelters. It takes a big heart to give these little ones a loving & permanent home. I wish I had a home big enough to house many sheltered pets…thankfully we have people like YOU 🙂

    I'm sure you'll get all the help & encouragement from people here. I luv this forum. It's full of knowledge & loving support from many B owners!

    Oh yeah...and I don't need to mention but do post pics ha! 😃

  • Welcome to the forum. Can't wait to see pics of Monet. Yeah, I like the pictures too!! My basenji is mixed also, with whippet. I also got my B from a shelter.. they didn't know she was basenji… they had her listed as a whippet mix... it didn't take long to figure out WHAT she was mixed with! I am grateful though, that my B is somewhat calm compared to other B's. I have had Hollie 1 year and 1 month and though she likes to chew, she sticks to her toys. Plus with enough exercise, she doesn't destroy her toys as quickly.

  • Welcome to the group Monet! What kind of behavioral issues are you having? Hopefully it's nothing treat-training can't solve. That's the only way my doggie learns. "Treat training". 🙂

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