I saw this and had to post…too cute!

😃 😃 😃 🙂

Has anyone see this?

Basenji Mix

Sorry Vanessa - I cannot get "YouTube" because I have dial-up and it takes "forever" - and it is a blocked site at work. (poor me) I am anticipating responses too. Might just drive my curiosity to get high-speed.

Im sorry to hear that Jill 😞
Basically It's a remake of the Dr. Who intro with Basenji Puppies all over the screen. Really cute 🙂


Has anyone see this?

I watched it, it's cute. I thought I was having a 60's flashback for a second.:D 😃

I can get it. Yeah, it is really cute. My brother was a super fan of Dr Who. I should send it to him.

My Tardis is broken, but I loved the vid!

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