• After three weeks of seperation from their big fight I decided to see how Nexa and Leo would do together. We went for a long walk, then to the backyard off leash, then inside. Everything went great!:D No ridges up, no grrring (except when Leo cleaned Nexa's ears but that's normal), everybody was happy. It's so nice to have them back together. When they were seperated and I was here by myself whichever dog I wasn't with acted like they had been negelected for weeks. Here are a a few picture from today.


    Nexa - sleeping beside me in the office right now

    I think this picture is perfect, it looks like they are still trying to figure out if they like each other, and if the couch was bigger they would scoot even further apart…but it's really comfy so we'll stay here for now.

  • Great to hear everything calmed down. My previous 2 Basenjis would get into a fight under the covers in my bed in the middle of the night if one got too close and touched the other moving around or adjusting. That last picture is a classic of them at each end of the couch like husband and wife having a bit of a tiff.

  • Houston

    Good to hear about todays amicable meeting and romp.

    I love the last picture, it doesn't even need explanation..you can see what they are thinking…priceless..

  • Great to hear your two are ok again, i love the sofa pic, it says it all 😃
    Dan your tale of the fighting Basenjis under the cover had me in stiches, bet you wondered what was going on in the middle of the night 😃

  • So the family is all together and all is well great news. Love the last picture that is really a good one.

    Rita Jean

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