Help asap please

Taking your basenji to a gentle basic obedience class will help you and your b learn to work together. Its very important for the basenji to trust his owner. If the owners are not consistant, then the b will have issues. Training any new dog with a class is the way to build a loving relationship.

thed only thing is if there are other dogs there he might try to fight or want to play mostly !!!!! do they do it with just me & him? and how much is a training class!!. thanks so much for all the help!.

Basic obedience classes prices vary, but you can ask your vet if he knows of one.
There are often a few other folks there, but your b is on a leash, and he learns to watch you and the signals you give. He learns to be with other dogs with out playing for fighting.
Its very good all round stuff. Let us know what you find and how it goes.

Here is a good place to start to find a good basic obedience instructor.

I will look around then and thanks soooooooo , sooooooo, soooo much!!. This is helping me very much.!!!!! I was told by another breeder i talked to and she was telling me that there are very mean people on her that will give me a bad attitued over me wanting to breed my boy because he's a pet store basenji!!.

Darn it ! There are none close to me atall!!!!!!>

Here would be my second recommendation for searching for a trainer,

thanks i will look around because i need something close and not just anyone but someone that knows the basenji breed! not to many people do know the breed!!!!>

tanza,i got the resaults !not good he's at risk! what does that mean exsackly???> does it mean he has it or is going to get the fanconi disease???> please help and if he gets it what can i do to help him live a good life???>

What was the result? Probably Affected?

Affected can be hard news to take, but there are ways to watch for issues, and some b's, altho showing affected, never have fanconi crop up.
So, there is lots of help here, don't lose hope.

it was risk!!!!. my mind is in a whirl wind!!!>

i just dont'know what to do right now!!.i have been crying my head off.!! he hasnt'shown any signs yet but i was just he was tested as risk!.

"risk" is not a diagnosis. It should be Probably Clear, Probably Carrier, Probably Affected, or Indeterminate Between Carrier or Clear.

hi get her tested for fanconi. go to the web site and order the test it's 65.00 but it's worth knowing if your girl has fanconi!.

ivoss, is there a way i can get the test done again with out paying the $65.00?????? !! so it dont'mean he has it!?. how can i find out for sure!?? test again>????

i'm glad your on here!. just help me with this and tell me what i can do to know for sure!!. i have been reading more and more on this and it's not a good thing for a dog to have!!. it's a slow death!!.

ivoss, i have to take him to the baseball feild to run for a few he's being a little brat right now but i'll be back on at 9;00 pm!. try and be on if u can so i can talk to u!!. thanks for the information u just sent me too it helped me out just now!!!.

Can you copy and paste your results into a message so I can see what it actually says? Here is my puppy's as an example of what it should look like when you paste it in.

Fanconi DNA linkage Received: 01/12/2010
Processed: 01/15/2010
Results: CLEAR

Or did you get the actual certificate in the mail? There is a 2-4 week lag between owner notification and public posting so I can't go see it on the site yet. If you got certificate type in what it says over the signature. That is where it should say Probably ____________ for Fanconi Syndrome.

Retesting will not change the result. If he is Probably Affected then you will need to start strip testing him monthly with Urine Glucose Test Strips so you can catch the onset of the disease as early as possible and begin treatment. You should also neuter him sooner rather than later to reduce the stress on his body caused by hormones when rut hits.

i called today and they said risk that's all they said to me . but i dont'have the certificate yet!. but i think i did the test wrong!, because i kinda rubbed in the curcle part to hard!!. i thank i'm going to do the test again!.

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