• My Katie recently broke out in hives. She was doing fine for a couple of days on Benadryl and oatmeal baths. Then the secondary breakout occurred today. Ear flaps and excessive licking of her feet prompted us to call the vet and start on a temporary prednisone therapy.

    The DH lost the instruction on the withdrawal. I'll call the vet tomorrow, but in the mean time, for my peace of mind, can someone remind me?

    She's full tab (2 x's per day) until symptoms decrease, then…..(?).......isn't it
    to half tab, 2 days, 2x's per day
    to quarter tab, (2 x's) for 1 day
    to quarter tab (1 x's) for 1 day

  • That sounds reasonable, but do call your vet to be sure. You just don't want to suddenly stop prednisone.

  • Are you using Temaril-P?

  • No Vicki, not the Temaril. The breakout was so severe that my vet just phoned a prednisone Rx in to my local Walgreens. She actually hasn't seen Katie yet.

    Thanks Macpack.

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