Action Shots from the Show

A friend of mine took some pictures of Maya today and i FINALLY have some fab action shots, had to share them 😃

What a very pretty girl and walking so proud she is to die for. I want to reach into pictures and pull her into my home. Thank you for sharing I love that tri.

Rita Jean


Look at her struting her stuff, like the princess she is. She is looking marvelous.
Thanks for sharing..

Maya really looks great!!

She has the most beautiful markings. Well done 🙂

Very nice! It's a shame the grass covering up her feet, you can't really see her float as well.

ooooohh She's great Jess!!!!!

Maya looks stunning. It’s shaping up to be an interesting competition between the Puppies. I think Marian Spavin was right when she said to us at the East of England, that they could all be Champions!


She is a beautiful girl! Not my little ragamuffin at all!!!!

oh shes just so beautiful

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