• Houston

    She is so cute. I love the little " I don't know Growl"..
    Thanks you so much for sharing.

  • Sugar is very pretty. The other two B's and the Boxer are pretty. Your videos are really neat thanks for sharing them. I am sure your house is fun most of the time.

    Rita Jean

  • I think, as she gets older, she gets cuter. She does some really 'special' moves. When she is in the crate, she does something we call the 'exorcist' routine. She twirls her head around and throws herself on her back.

    The other two B's are Shadow (with the greyer muzzle) and Damisi. Damisi is the trouble maker. Since they are basically loose all the time, Fun is another word for it! LOL The boxer is a special case. I thought she would have died this spring, but she bounced back.

  • Need to get a video of her when she is in her kennel. I love it they really do different things that other dogs never ever do.

    How old are three B's? They all look so pretty.

    You say the boxer is a special case what is wrong? She looks good and I am happy you did not loose her.

    Rita Jean

  • Shadow is 6, Sugar is 4-they come from Robyn Dubbert (yodel dogs) and she is co-owner. Sherwood is the kennel. Damisi will be 3 this year.

    Zina (boxer) had HOD-Hypertrophicosteodystrophy. Basically, an inflamation of the growth plates. She will never be 'normal'. Her immune system is very, very low. From now on she will be on meds the rest of her life. We can't tell how long she will live, but her body will go to Cornell University for Study when she dies. She has arthritis all along her spine now as well. Hopefully, her spine will fuse before winter and she will be in less pain. I will take her for x-rays in the winter to see where we stand.

  • Houston

    Wow, poor Zina, is that a fairly rare condition? I sure hope she will be Ok, and that when the cold comes her arthritis isn't bothering her too much.

  • Not a rare condition. Usually though, they either die from it or are put down because of the pain, high fever, convulsions, etc. She just happened to keep on fighting. She faded right down a couple of times, but Denise (the breeder) took her in the cold bathtub with her with ice. She really worked on this dog. Don't know why, but Kudos to her for trying so hard with this one. Generally she would have put her down, but something told her Zina was special. We all have one special one we strive for and root for. This was Denise's. Zina won't live a full life, but she's happy enough. When it gets to be too much, I will send her back to Denise to send to Cornell. This past spring, when she really fell ill, she went back to the breeders with that intention, but she bounced back-so I guess it wasn't her time yet. She came back on a bunch of meds, no hair, full of retention, no muscle tone at all. You could see where her leg bones were-literally, as well, you can still see the peak in her skull. She will never regain total muscle structure, but she looks a lot better than she did. (Boxer's heads should be flat across the top in between the ears. Zina has a prominent peak)

  • I am so sorry about Zina there is there nothing they can do? Is this common in Boxers or can this happen to any breed? Well there at least one thing for sure you take great care of her and there lots of love. Keep us up to date on Zina please.
    Your Basenji's are all young is it just crazy when they all going together and jumping? I think Jaycee needs one to play with and us to love as ten year old shiba just cannot play very long. My son's Pom well he can play but lets face it he cannot keep up with Jaycee or last near as long playing. They do have several stuffed toys that they play tug a war with thats fun to watch.

    Rita Jean

  • Houston

    Bless you for having her in your lives.

  • We are doing what we can with Zina, and that's basically quality of life. If I have to up her meds to incredible levels this fall, to me, that is not quality of life, just to keep her alive. When she is in pain and has a hard time moving again, she will be put to sleep. It's not fair to keep a dog alive and in pain just because I want her to live.

    Actually, Shadow won't play very much at all. He has his spurts, but only for a couple of minutes, then it's back to the couch for him. He has a pinched nerve in his back. So sometimes he has pain as well. "Shadow's Story" is on the forum. Just do a search and you can read about him.

    The two girls used to fight all the time. Since Sugar had her litter, she is soo much more relaxed, and all the girls do is play. It's actually annoying sometimes. Especially when you are trying to watch something on TV!! They bounce all over and since I have hardwood floors, the furniture usually ends up all over the place.

  • I really do understand about quality of life not fair to keep them alive beacuse we do not want to give up. I had my schnauzer he was my world by my side day and night he was my baby/child I had no children at that time. It was so hard to let Bandit go like losing a family member he was family to me. Most of my family though I was crazy because I loved him so much. It's been almost 11 years he has been gone and I still think of him and pictures all over my house even in kitchen. With that having been said he is in my heart so he will forever and always be with me.

    I wish you only the best with Zina.

    I am happy for you that the girls get along so well now. I can just see two Basenjis running on hard wood floors and jumping and stuff moving. We have tried many nights so far to watch tv and Jaycee does her run/jump look out thing. The sofa hits the wall she hits it so hard unreal.

    I am going to go and read about Shadow.

    Rita Jean

  • I read your story on Shadow that is really something. It was great that you could find what was wrong and get help. I am different in the fact I use silver water and people think that is crazy and does not work but it does. Nice Shadow has such a loving and caring home to do what it took to get the help.

    Rita Jean

  • Arlene, thanks for sharing, Sugar is so cute! 🙂 Nice to see Zina doing well too.

  • Hope Zina has more quality time with you, sounds like you're doing a great job.
    I know what you mean about your floors, we too have wooden floors and if we are watching tv and our big dog decides to move we can't hear a thing due to his claws.
    Rita Jean what is silver water please?

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