• while we are waiting to move into our new place Oden is currently spending the day at a work collegues place in her yard with her dog ….he only started there this week and is absolutly loving it anyways yesterday afternoon when i picked him he barooed for the first time i couldnt believe it im sure it was a baroo it sounded like it and i have never heard that sound come out of him at all......i was so excited lol and kept saying what a good boy he was lol:D

    is it normal for a 10 week old puppy to baroo??:rolleyes:

  • Yes ours did and seem to happen when she was happy. We just loved it like give me another please go again. There have been a few times when Jaycee has had her feet on counter surfing and we had told her off. Jaycee has gotten down and looked at us and we got a Barooo that was one. I just know that was back talk.
    He looks so sweet laying there sleeping.

    Rita Jean

  • Some are very talkative from a young age. Sophie has been yodeling and talking since she was quite young, less than 8 weeks old. Rio didn't really start to talk until she was about 8-10 weeks old. Rally has been talking since at least 7 weeks because I could hear her yodeling in the background when I called Robyn to make arrangements to pick her up as a pup. On the other hand, Nicky has only ever yodeled 3 times in his whole life.

  • Houston

    oh I wish..Otis have yet to baroo, yodel or do anything…except his really noice "growltalk" he does when he plays with the other dogs and my son.. I wsih he did some kind of singing..

  • Liyah's breeder had an entire litter that would sing right from the point that their eyes just started to open. They ended up being the "Jazz" litter. It was the cutest thing I'd ever seen to see them sing that young!

  • Oden makes strange little noises too kinda sounds like a horse in one way lol

  • My OJ never in his entire 17+ yrs yodeled… Maggii, maybe 5 times in almost 17yrs.

  • Hansel talks all the time. he is 5. jonny never says a word . he is 2. today i was walking down the hall and hansel was following me as usual and he let a barooo rip and scared me to death. he usually only does it when he is really excited, or in the morning when he hasnt seen me all nite(he sleeps with my son) or when i come home at noon to walk him or he has been in his kennel and i let him out. you know : glad to see you .. thanks for coming to get me…i REALLY Missed you... but this was out of the blue and that is unusual. i just laughed and laughed. sometimes when he sings i sit on the floor and get right in his face and sing back to him. he will go on and on. and silent bob sits over there and watches but not a word. fun times. 🙂

  • When our pups were born, we took a visit almost every week..
    After 7 or 8 weeks, they knew us already and sometimes even "try" to make a big barooo. So cute 😃

  • haha we had pups in our bred litters dat barrood allready when they were on their legs 🙂

  • How fun, Katrina02! I wish Nala was a "talker" when she was a puppy…
    And Petra, she is more talkative now (at almost 11)…she does it when she really likes someone and they come or go...I praise her so much when she does it that she's doing it even more now!:)

  • Buddy Barooos full volume at people at the dog park, sometimes with a tennis ball in his mouth. He just runs up to them and does it. They crack up! At home zero sound. Perfect!!

  • Houston

    Dan..that is too funny.

  • @Basenjimamma:

    Dan..that is too funny.

    Sometimes he'll do it to someone passing us on the sidewalk.

  • That would be neat to have your B go up to someone and let a big one out. Jaycee just does it at home but at least she does it.

    Rita Jean

  • At home Tosca only will yodel when I am making food (in hopes of getting some) or when people she likes come over. Otherwise she is generally pretty silent. However, this summer and last we took her on vacation for the first time, to St. Louis and Pittsburgh. It was hilarious, she yodeled ALL the time in the hotel. She would do it whenever she encountered someone who even gave her a bit of attention. She also yodeled over and over when my husband and I got her in the room. It was funny, I guess she likes hotel stays! Otherwise, when she is excited she doesn't yodel all that often, instead she does one sharp bark and then makes what sounds like a growl. People think she is angry when she does that but I have to explain its not a growl, she is actually really happy/excited when she does it. She's a weird dog:P

  • I'm so jealous! Shaye has never baroo'd - she has made a false bark about 6 times when frightened, and mutters along with her whining when she wants something she can't have or one of us leaves the house, but no yodeling, no barooing, and she's going to be 9 months on 9/15.

  • Houston

    I heard Otis baroo today, out of misery, since he was left home with one of the other dogs, while I took the third dog for a walk..it was so funny sounding, like he didn't even realize he could do that. So I didn't witness it with my eyes, but my ears heard it loud and clear..

  • Maybe Otis will start giving them to you when you come back home also. Seems to me we get the best and the loudest first thing in morning or when kids and Steven come home from the day. Jaycee does it other times but these alawys seem to be the best I hardly ever get any because I am always with her.

    Rita Jean

  • Houston

    Maybe you're right. I susually spend most of my days in and out of the house, so who knows, maybe I have to continue these 6 mile walks in the morning for him to miss me..LOL

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