• Shango has recently been fascinated by the manhole covers around town. Whenever we're on walks he stops and stiffs the sewer grates for at least 3-4 mins or until I pull him along!

    Anyone else find their curious B does this?

  • Only the sewer grates in the sidewalk gutters because Raccoons go in and out. They live down in the sewers in the day time. He only sniffs them for maybe 10 seconds.

  • Both my previous and current guys love the sewer grates, not so much manhole covers ( a brief onceover maybe). I never waited to see how long they would sniff at them, they are in the street, after all. I just always figured it was because there were so many different/interesting smells down there, not necessarily because of actual critters. Kinda the same way they love trash cans!!:)

  • yup and boy are there a lot of them.they also love culverts under driveways. every single one of them. rabbits live there.

  • Oh yes - sewer grates have wonderful smells a day or so after the rains (not that I would know :))

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