• So I walk out of my office building to go grab a coffee with a friend and I turn the corner and there is a guy walking a black & white basenji girl - I almost walked right into them!

    I had quite a long conversation with him - he was shocked that I owned 3 :D:D:D. He found his girl (she looked to be a pure bred) at a local animal shelter 1.5 years ago - she is now about 7yo. He said he had always wanted a basenji and started looking and found his girl right off the bat - it was fate.

    Of course, I realize now that I forgot to tell him to come here for great info. Seeing as he is so close to where I work, hopefully I'll run into him again and can let him know about the forum.

  • That happens once in a while.

  • What a coincidence! And how cool that it was fate for him to have found his pup that way…
    A similar coincidence happened to me on my way to visit my parents in June. We had stopped to get gas and snacks for the ride in a neighboring town (Bristol, VT) and turned the corner to start our journey and a lovely black & white "senior" was being walked with another dog and two woman with a baby jogger! I pulled over and talked with them for a while. She knew of another B in the same town (a R&W that I had seen)...
    So funny how that happens...

  • That's great! It's always nice to meet Basenji people 😃 Yesterday I met someone who used to have a basenji. A tri that reached the beautiful age of 17. He was telling very passionate about it 🙂

  • Houston

    Very cool.. I was actually walking Otis a while back and my neighbor's girl friend, popped her head out to scream.."is that a basenji?..I used to have one when I grew up" She went on to tell me how much of a pain in the a– they are, and I kindly nodded and let her go on..but I have yet to actually meet one.

  • Our mail man had Basenji as boy growing up. He never really say much drop mail but a short time after we got Jaycee he seen her at door. Jeff is his name knocked at door and ask if he could see her. That may have been best thing that ever happen. Jaycee waits on Jeff everday and always happy to see her.
    He told us here week or two ago he and his wife never had kids at least not yet he said he would claim Jaycee.

    Rita Jean

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