African Wood Chipper

I cut back a 30 foot tall Loquat tree and to help get the job done I used my African wood chipper.

can I borrow him? We have to take down a whole tree which is almost "dead"….. 😉

He is doing a great job, the wood chipper. So you can take the little pieces directly to the compost.



Pretty funny. My Gossy does that with wood chips from the flower beds. Is your wood chipper actually eating the pieces (gagg)?

He's doing a great job! Too funny…


Very thorough and oh so cute…

Thank God he's really good about spitting everything out even when he chews up his toys. I think I'm going to need about 30 Basenjis to get all the cuttings chewed up.

That was really cute. Ok Mr. Rabbit and Mrs. Bird were are you I just got my teeth sharp on the tree I am ready for you.

Rita Jean

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