New B owner here

Hello everyone i am a new B owner from cleveland ohio. I would love to know more about the breed.I got this most wonderful dog from a petstore i used to work at. she sat in the window for 3mnth. I could not take to see this majestic animal sit there any long so finely i broke down and got her. She is much smaller than any other B i have seen and kinda goofy, but i still love her like she is my own child! The day after i got her i Left the Pets store and never went back. I thank God every day that i have a B in my life. And my cats are never begging to play any more.
Thank you Shannon

<<the day="" after="" i="" got="" her="" left="" the="" pets="" store="" and="" never="" went="" back.="">>

Good for you 😉 Welcome to the forum! Totally understand about the wardrobe and the cats :)</the>


I thank God every day that i have a B in my life

Looks like you're in the right place and what a great thing to say. I'm sure many, if not all of us here feel that way…...thanks for joining us and welcome.;)

Now that's a great way to "rescue" a basenji. I got my Abbey from a couple who owned the mom and dad, not a BRAT rescue, and could not be happier with my choice.

Basenji Mix

Welcome Shannon, glad you joined this Forum. I think if I worked at a petstore, I'd probably have lots of pets. But, like you - noticing a pet had been there for 3 months - I'd take it home too. How old is your StellaGirl now? Check out the Behavioral Forums here for tips and techniques in training.

my stella will be a year on jan 18. one going on 15 she acts like she knows it all. so far ok on traing just having a hard time w/ house breaking her she thinks the weight room is her potty place. any tips?

Hi StellaGirl, Welcome to Basenji Forums!

You might want to check out Basenji Training topic which has a lot of already existing posts about housebreaking and other training advice.

Don't forget to post some photos in the Show Off Your Dog topic.

welcome to the forum. nice people here, willing to help

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