Kind Of Cool Idea

I was on YouTube today and came across this channel. KevJumba is a popular YouTuber who decided to start a channel to raise money for charity. He donates all the money he makes from his Jumba Fund channel to charity each month. He has been doing this for two months and has made over $1000 each month.

He allows his viewers to nominate and vote on which charity should get the money each month.


What a fun guy..Very cool idea indeed..

That video was very funny and it's a great idea, but how do we know it's legit? The charity part of it, I mean. I know I've been spammed with similar things in the past and, because of the 'oh so dreadful' worm/virus I usually just delete.

At the end of the month when he says which charity is going to get the money he shows the process for making the donation and he shows his email confirmation from the charity that payment was received. It doesn't cost you any money to do this, all you have to do is watch his videos.

Here is May's end of month video,

Here is June's end of month video,

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