I just got some photos of Sawyer. They are from May so he is 6 months old in the photos. Sawyer is Bella's brother sired by my boy Nicky.

Kinetic Enchanted Sudnly Time To Run


Never saw a Black & White in the flesh, very nice looking dog

I agree ! Beautiful boy 🙂
B/W Basenjis are rare in our country.

What a good looking pup! I really like the b&w's.

He's so smart!

What an impressive guy! Great pictures.

Sawyer is an awesome little guy, and is a lot of fun to be around. He has a great personality, and Piper absolutely adores him. And to go along with his good looks he is going to be a great courser. I'm looking forward to this fall when I can see him again at some trials.

Thank you everyone. I am looking forward to the fall too and getting to hear about him on the coursing field. I am very proud of him.


He is gorgeous..and his name is adorable, Sawyer..I like it.

he is beautiful !! but you have to work on his stack 😉

He's very nice. Is Sawyer coming to National?

I think Sue will have him there for socialization.

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