• I just got an email from our friend from Sweden!

    Chafuko's girlfriend (he will be stud next year) "TT" from Twigas Basenji's became BOS Junior at the Basenji specialty in Sweden!!!!!

    TT's mommy is so proud of her! 😃
    She's such a lovely girl!!!!
    Congrats Jeanette, with TT!!!!🆒

    I sure want to know the other results, I believe there are more forum people that went to this specialty!

  • Thank you Kim!

    Yes we are very proud :o) And a special thank you to her breeder Judy Brader, Thor Basenjis, VA, USA. We are so very greatful for our half African princess she is so beautiful and she is so very sweet, we couldn?t ask for more :o)

    Also a big congratulations to Chafukos Fanconi test coming back Clear!

    I am sorry I didn?t get the results at the specialty, but as usual on a show my head was elsewere… I am hoping the club will announce the results soon.

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