• Who says these Basenjis are not smart…gggg

    I usually always have my Van parked in the garage.. and Kristii loves to run around in there... sniff the Van... some days I just open the doors and she climbs around... especially after I have been to a show with Kobey...

    We are having a new fence put in on one side of the yard this week, so today the Van is parked out front of the house. When we went for our short walk after dinner she was totally into the Van... she knew it was "her" Van.. and what was it doing out front... ggg... she kept walking around and around it.. sniffing and looking at me with a look that said... "Hey Mom... what is our Van doing out here? Could you put it where it belongs"....

  • Haha! Smart and nosey! 🙂

  • Houston

    too funny, and very in tune with how things are supposed to be..

  • "Hey Mom, if the vans out in front are we going for a ride"?

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