Dog Leeds!

Not the leather kind…....................

The NBS show in Leeds kind!!

Anyone going? Would be good to say 'Hi' if anyone else will be there.


Hi Alan, we will be there- with Tilly as well though we wont be showing as the judge bred her - make sure you come over to say hello.


Hi Alan,

We (Sue, Steve & Poppy) will be in attendance. Hope to see you there.


We'll be there (Victoria, Madam Elsa and Puppy Rocco):)

We are going with Keiko (red) and Ezri (black & white).

Hi Alan,
we are going to the show as spectators, we don't have a Basenji yet!!

Can someone tell me what time we should be there as spectators please?

Judging starts at 11am, so anytime before then! I like to be there at least an hour before we are due in the ring so I think people will be arriving around 10am. See you there.:)

Thanks Victoria

Well Shelley - that makes two of us!

This will be our first time up close and personal with the pesky B's and I have to say, the whole family is VERY excited!

Looking forward to catching up with as amany of you as possible!

We may play a game on the way home called;-

"I had no idea __________ (insert forum handle) would look like that!"


To all of you… travels, and GREAT rewards.

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