• Mikey (my big white cat) disapeared again this time hes been gone for 2 weeks…I really didnt think nothing of it since he has done this a few times befor but usually shows up with in a day...Last time he did this... we went to animal shelter and found Sandie sitting in a cage... If any of u read Sandies story you know what im talking about. My husbands been goin to the shelter every other day looking for Mikey... NO MIKEY!!! Today we sent our son to look for him and there he was in Kitty Jail 🙂 ... I didnt think ide get my car out of the garage fast enough for my husband... He was in tears yelling at me to hurry...Mikey was brought in to the shelter yesterday...I wish they could of told me where to send a thank you card but they only had a area of the person that brought him in.
    Mikey is fine 🙂 A lil under weight... hungry.. and very tired...Sandies been watching him alot this evening.. I think she must have missed him and is happy hes home.

  • Did Mikey escape? Is he an indoor cat?

    I am so happy for you that he is home, I know that you must be so relieved.

  • No Mikey comes and goes as he pleases… He's just never left for this long... we had him fixed as a baby so he wouldnt spray or wonder far from home.. well he still wonders away...He's all boy !!! Im so happy to have him home... All the neighbors have been looking for him and missed him also.. He liked to visit with everyone.
    We put his collar back on and his tags... tomarrow im goin to petsmart to have him a name and phone number tag to add to collar...If this happens again it might make it easier for him to get home.
    I really dont feel he wonderd away, we have one neighbor that has been known to trap cats and dump them someplace else ... we ask him if he did, he said no. But in Oklahoma it is a 500 dollar fine for doing that and a animal cruelty charge.

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    Maybe it is time for Mikey to become an indoor cat? I couldn't stand one of my pets routinely disappearing for even a few hours!
    I am glad you got him back. Good idea about the name tag!

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