• Hi!
    I would like to ask some more experienced and knowledged breeders, how are basenji colours heritable? You know what I mean…when you conect BW and RW, could you have TRI? When you mate RW and RW but both has brindle parent, could you expect brindles in the litter?

  • I have already found the topic about my problem:)

  • Well I'm very interested to hear the answer. 🙂

  • I know it has been posted before but for the questions she asked.

    R/W x B/W, you can get a Blacks, Reds, and Tris if both parents carry the tri gene.

    R/W x R/W, you can get Reds or Tris. If there is no brindle (or trindle) parent then there cannot be brindles unless a parent is a B/W with a Brindle parent.

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