• I am from BC,Canada and am on my 3rd Basenji.This little boy is a Rescue originally from Sweden. His name is Max Mattias-Farolands Trademark To Terrarust. I managed to tack down his originally owner and breeder and found all of his lineage and family.

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  • is me-I followed you here.

  • How did he became a rescue basenji wasn´t he exported to the Terrarust kennels originally from Faraoland kennels.I have also a Max he´s a replacement dog came to me last year.He´s related to your Max his granddad Luxor is the brother of your Max´s mum Ch Faraoland Lucia out of Africa your Max´s sister CH Faraoland Toyou at Zordia as done very well in in england and his two half brothers after Lucia CH Faraoland Viking of Venture is extremely succesful dog here in sweden and his pups are sweeping the rings winning everything.His other half brother Faraoland Victory and Freedom is in poland and has been succesful over there so has his pups.So you see your rescue dog has family everywhere.

  • Wow, welcome to the site. Sounds like an interesting story.

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