• Hi everyone! I have been feeding our basenji Canidae Platinum for about 10 years now, and we have never had a problem. I just learned, though, that Canidae changed their formulations a year ago and that MANY dogs have been having serious GI issues as a result.

    Deedle hasn't had any bloody exploding diarrhea (sorry for the visual) or anything, but this winter she did start throwing up pretty much every morning. This improved after a teeth cleaning (I think her rotten teeth were upsetting her stomach), but several months later she has started throwing up a bit in the mornings, probably a couple times a week, AND I just opened a new bag of Canidae a couple weeks ago.

    Has anyone else had issues with Canidae? I want to keep Deedle on dry food but am now considering switching to another brand. She doesn't seem to be getting super sick from the Canidae, and it hasn't affected her energy levels, etc., but she has seemed to age a bit in the past half year (well, she IS 14), plus nobody wants to throw up all the time! I would, obviously, like to keep her healthy and happy for as long as possible.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  • When's the last time you had a full blood work up done? You'll want to do that at the age as there could be kidney and liver issues and a thyroid problem. Low thyroid causes a lot of problems. Why were the teeth let go so long? That in itself can make a dog or person very sick. Have you ever tried brushing them? You only feed her dry?

  • Actually there are lots of internet stories of dogs that have become sick from the new formula of Canidae…not seriously though, mostly upset stomach & GI stuff. I feed Canidae Grain Free (as one of this quarter's rotations) and haven't had any issues with that, but I think the grain free came out after the ALS & Platinum formulas changed.

    All the pet stores locally that I buy food at will take a bag back if it makes your pet sick. Have you asked the place you bought it if others have had problems or if you can return it and get something else. I definitely wouldn't continue to feed it if it is making your dog sick. I had that happen once with Wellness Core (along with my dogs losing a lot of weight when they didn't need to) and opted to just toss a nearly new bag of it.

  • She had a full checkup earlier this year, and we'll take her again in September. No problems with her thyroid. The teeth were let go so long because we are bad parents! She has had teeth problems ever since we got her at age 4.

    Since her teeth cleaning earlier this year we have been using PetzLife spray and brush her teeth (but not daily. She writhes around, and it's difficult to get to the few teeth she has left, but I try). We have also been using DentaTreat for a couple years, but I guess that hasn't done much good. I just can't imagine that more teeth have rotted in three months?

    We feed her dry food with pumpkin twice a day. For her morning meal I also add Nupro (the glucosamine blend), DentaTreat, and fish oil (recommended by the vet).

  • Well that's good you are trying the brush. Just use a soft brush and do it very gently. Just get a glass with some water in it, have that near you and dip and swish the brush in it. Get it wet with water and let her lick or chew it a little on her own.
    The fish oil is good to add. I am very distrusting of the dry food market. The one I have been using is Organix brand.

    I use Steve's frozen Raw chicken or turkey formula, some pumpkin, Solid Gold Seameal and Salmon oil.

  • I too have heard that many dogs are having a problem on the Canidae since they changed the fomula

  • Houston

    I did some research on all foods when I was about to get Otis and one of the ones I looked at was Candidae, and there are a lot of bad reviews out there regarding the effect the change in formula has had on their dogs. For a food that is that expensive, there should be no problems, except maybe the few that has food issues regardless of what food they try, there is always going to be a few of those poor pups.
    Either way, I choose to give/make mine their food, so they are on raw, grainless food with occasional, very occasional treat (because of Obedience training and all, don't want raw chicken or the like in my pocket…thank you very much). Sorry to hear about her obvious problem.

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