• Hi, my Duna on the top of her shoulder blades is changing color. She is shedding in that area and the hair is being replaced a lot more darker..like a shade of reddish chestnut. WHY?
    If you need pics to get the idea, ill take some and upload them as soon as possible.

  • I dont know why but our red/white basenjis also get a darker coat after shedding, I think the old coat is turns lighter because of the hairs dying and then falling out, the new living coat looks darker and will turn lighter when getting older as well, you can see that in a lot of dogs.

    when the dark colour is concenctrating on only one spot and the whole new coat is lighter then I would like to see pictures šŸ˜‰

  • our tri, jonny , did the same thing, but his black came in lighter. it seems to be less noticeable than when it first started. he shed A LOT as he had been outside before he was with BRAT.

  • In the summer my red/wht Ringo's coat would turn a dark orange red maybe from being outside in the sun a lot and the weather change.

  • Here is Duna's change of color on her backā€¦.
    and 5 days later today..it's more extended along her spine and near the white line behind her neck...

  • Totally normalā€¦

  • Shaye is also darker now than when we got her - it started with a darker chestnut down her spine, and eventually she got darker generally. At her shoulders she has a lighter area down both sides, and at the place where the white begins on her neck, she is getting more whitish hairs in the red - I think the color changing is a normal thing.

  • Hi!
    I think you should not worry, it is normal, my 6months Mody did the same few weeks agoā€¦I think her new coat is better and more shining.....

  • šŸ™‚ yes the new coat is definitly more softer and shinier!!!

  • That picture looks exactly like our Ella. My wife has been saying the last several days how "gingery" her back has been getting. And a month or so ago the area behind her ears became extremely light colored.

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