Nervousness when traveling in a car

  • We are new owners of a 7 month old Basenji Mix. When she was found at the age of 3 months having been abandoned to the streets of Nashville she had a severely broken leg. Money was raised to repair her leg and in that regard she is fine. Her foster parents said she got sick when they brought her to Murfreesboro and would get nervous even going to the Vet. Our trip to get her took 3 hours. By the time we made it halfway she and her crate were a mess. The foster parents gave her Benadryl but obviously it didn't work. We are thinking that either she was hit by a car or may have even been tossed from a car.

    Any suggestions about how to get her over this. I'm not real big on druging her. We would like to be able to make short trips whether it is a couple hours to visit my daughter and her B boys or to go pick up the grand kids.

  • Do not know if short trips would help but maybe going to post office. Maybe just a short ride everyday going in the car. Could be since going to the vet in the car now the vet and car go hand in hand. No car no vet. Going no were just riding and back home will help possiably. Good luck lets us know.

    Rita Jean

  • I would agree about short trips. Her trips in the car have been associated with trauma and pain. Now you have to let her see the car ride does not equal trauma and pain. That will take many small trips like to the park for an enjoyable walk and play. Can someone ride in the back seat with her?

  • Houston

    Bluebell, I am sorry to her that your little girl got so sick. I f I understand it right, that is fairly common for B's, motion sickness that is. I have one and he seems fine, but our Schnorkie gets really sick. I talked to my vet and he told m ethere are motion sickness pills for dogs so you might want to try that. I ended up buying a spray with DAP in it to help my three dogs relax when traveling, they all usually onk out and sleep, even the Schnorkie.
    AS far as her being hit by a car, it sounds like it might have been the way she broke her leg. Make going in the car a paecefull experience, amybe bring her favorite blankie, or bed, toys anything to associate it with happy..

  • Thanks everyone for the suggestions. Also the pdf file that showed how seatbelt in the carrier. I did ride in the back with her and talk to her the whole way but at that point she didn't really know me. I will start out trying the trip around the block and put her new favorite toy in with her.

  • There is a new prescription medication for motion sickness/vomiting. It was mentioned on another thread. I would check with your vet and see if this medicine is a possibility if nothing else works.

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