• I just found out that my cousin is in the hospital recovering from microsurgery to repair the veins, arteries, and nerves that connect his pinky finger to his right hand. The surgeon is hopeful that he will not lose the finger but he will be hospitalized for the next 5 days so they can keep a close eye on it.

    How did my cousin end up in this situation? Well, he left the house in a hurry to take his wife to visit a relative that had suffered a heart attack. In their hurry the key ring they grabbed did not have the house keys. When they returned home quite late last night and found they had no keys my cousin attempted to break into the house through a window. The pane of glass slid out and struck his hand nearly severing the pinky finger.

    So please be careful around glass windows.

  • Ouch! :eek:

  • Keep a spare key hidden outside somewhere for those instances when you lock yourself out. They make key holders that look like rocks.

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