Hiding bones :)

I buy the 12" braided Bully Stick and they last for a long time. It's the only thing my older guy will chew on. His teeth and gums are in better shape because of them.

Careful when looking for pizzle sticks. Some of them advertised are actually tendons when you read the fine print. My experience with tendons is they can snap easily and have sharp edges and small choking size pieces.

Shop on line for Bullies. The pet stores charge an arm and a leg.

holly, i am beginning to think that they are getting into something i dont know about , or are stressed about being rescued and relocated, or i am just doing something totally wrong. i have eliminated treats, all food except the dog food. i give them treats during the day, but it is dog food (just 3-4 nuggets at a time scattered on the kitchen floor while i cook meals for the family so they wont feel left out)jonny gets diamond lamb and rice. i do put a teaspoon of yogurt and a little peanut butter mixed in at the AM feeding, but not every day . Ansel gets canidae with a little diamond and same yogurt / peanut butter. i am working on switching ansel to the diamond…. but they both have had diareaha and some slight spit up off and on. the vet suggested imodium with something they will eat so i put it in a little shredded cheddar cheese. we do a lot of walking so i dont know what is going on. jonny gets straightened out and then the other gets "yucky" and then vice versa. YUCK. hansel doesnt eat a lot when he is on the runs. that helps...

I also thought of the heart worm pill iverheart and the frontline for fleas and ticks. would that bother them? i gave them the flea /tick over a week ago and the heart worm on the first…. other than that, they are pretty well watched 24/7. not a lot of chance to get into something. weird. i grew up with german shepherds. they were outside dogs, and very low maintenance. but so very loyal and independent. so this is very different. just want our babies to feel great and be happy!

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