• Just wanted to ask a question about antibiotics for UTI.

    Tayda had a UTI and I had her on a 14 day course of Clavamox. After 10 days it was still not gone so I called the vet and she gave me a 14 day course of Baytril and told me I could overlap them, meaning to continue giving her the rest of the Clavamox and start the Baytril at the same time, so for the last 4 days of the Clavamox she would also be getting the Baytril. Well, after 1 day of the Baytril - the UTI seems to be gone. I know it might not be COMPLETELY gone yet, but she is already acting normal so it is definitely at least on the way to being gone.

    So, my question is, do I have to finish the WHOLE course of Baytril? Or could I turn it into a 7 day course instead of the full 14 and save the remaining 7 days for next time? I know they sometimes prescribe fewer than 14 days (and of course sometimes longer) but is a 7 day too short? I definitely don't want to build up an antibiotic resistance…

    I will call the vet also to ask them, but wanted to see if anyone out there has done anything similar.

  • It sounds like the Baytril was the drug that cleared up the UTI, I would continue the full course of drug (unless I called the vet and he said otherwise). Some antibiotics really need to be given for the full time, like 2 weeks, others (like a Z-pack) do the job in 3 days. That's why bacteria get resistant, we feel better so we stop taking our medicine (I'm a nurse and I do it too!! I'm terrible about taking medicine once I feel better) but every last little bug isn't dead yet. Then those bugs that were somewhat resistant reproduce and you have slightly more resistant bugs, and on and on. She may have increased UTIs so you want to be sure you knock it completely out!

  • I would give the full course so you that you make sure you kill the bacteria population completely or consult the vet to see if a shorter course would be alright.

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