Neutering to reduce anxiety?

D'uh, music, of course. don't know why i didn't think of that. i've taught several control unleashed class and night one i recommend several cu compatable things, one of which is:

I have the book/cd combo and i assure my students that the cute basenjis on the cover had nothing (well, almost nothing) to do with me checking the book out from the library, which I later bought.

Kananga - glad that the DAP seems to be working. If you do decide to go with the CD.
I checked and they are still available on - click Dogs-Dog Therapy CD page.

While I agree with the reasons others have mentioned in favor of neutering, I am not convinced your dog's anxiety is hormone related. Personally I think continued use of the DAP along with some serious exercise to get rid of some of his tension would be the best route to take at this point. Another thing is to never make coming home or leaving home a big deal. I don't know how you handle either but many people make the mistake of "working the dog up" with a rousing goodbye or hello and this builds excitement or anxiety in a dog. If you are calm and give off good vibes the dog should pick up on this and it may help calm them also.

Good thoughts Robyn… and that is true... the less you make out of coming and/or going the more they will think it is not a big deal... Mine rarely would get out of bed in the morning when I left for work..gggg and if they did, they would then go beg Dad to put them back under the covers....

I'm pretty good about leaving. I simply walk out the door without saying anything. This morning I noticed he didn't even run to follow me out. Normally he was running to stop me, today that changed. I never heard him run after me.

Coming home he's always fairly calm. I do tend to give him attention when I get home but its nothing over the top. He'll simply walk over to me and wait for me to pet him. Doesn't jump or show any hyperactivity.

Perhaps I'll work on the coming home part. He does get plenty of exercise. He gets minimum about 45 mins worth of walking time on a daily basis. On top of that he'll get a 30-60mins walk at least a few times per week. He sleeps well and maintains a good weight.

Oddly enough his stools appeared firmer today. I find it hard to believe the DAP is already taking effect within 48 hours. I expected a few weeks before any results.

I know its only day 2, but he is improving very well. (i'll wait another week and give you guys an update)

I figured I should note this on the 2nd day though…

His stools are increasingly firmer, his dander has reduced immensely to almost none now, he is much more vocal outdoors now (previously very quiet), destructive habits are non-existent still on day 2, and he is generally more relaxed.

I'm quite amazed at the progress only on 2 days now. It has been aprox. 48 hours since I originally plugged the diffuser in.

I can only hope things continue like this. I much appreciate the recommendations on the DAP. 😃

Well, it's been about a week now. Not a single piece of furniture has been chewed on. And I still have that small tear in my couch near the top that is easy access for him to pull out the stuffing (until I get it repaired and sealed). He has not attempted to unstuff that part.

It seems the DAP diffuser is working. Can't think of any other reason why his behavior would discontinue.

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