• This weekend was Piper's first AKC trial and boy did she make it memorable. There were I believe 12 basenjis total with 7 in open. On Saturday she won the open stake for a 5 point major! And then just to one up herself today she went BOB for another 5 point major and her final two runs today were in the middle of a down pour, but not even rain can stop her from chasing the bunny! More importantly we both had a blast, I only wish we could do this every weekend.

  • That's great, congrats

  • Congrats! Great start to her FC.

  • Congrats! What a nice way to begin! 🙂

  • Jarodkjv,

    Are you going coursing with the Bluegrass Coursing Club in Columbia, KY this weekend?
    Carrie, Liz and I have recently decided we're going.
    We will have Miss Callie getting her JC, Lola and Riley in Open and Zip in Specials. I know for sure that Ottaray's the Trouble with Clair is going and she will be in Open (I think…).

    Looking forward to it, let us know if we'll see you there!


  • No I can't make it, I don't think we're coursing again until the end of August unfortunately. But I hope you guys have a great time, I'm envious. Are you staying next week for the ASFA events as well?

  • No I will have a friend in town that weekend.
    After this weekend the next event our 4 B's will course is July 4th-5th in Calhoun, I believe it's ASFA. And then the Specialty in Lexington for sure.

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