• I am currently waiting for a black capped lory to hatch but yesterday i got a phonecall from a lady in the lory society who has been asked to take a bird as he is too noisy and not getting enough attention… she asked if i would like him :eek:

    I have told her to let him go to the man who is letting me have one of his black capped babies as we are not sure how tame it is. They are pretty rare over here, so if it is not suitable as a tame pet then i said the breeder should make up a pair and breed it in his aviaries, but if it is too tame for that it will be coming to me 😃

    So... Watch this space!! Here's a pic from google of a yellow backed chattering lory (the species i've been asked to take), beautiful aren't they?

  • Ahhh, Lovely!!

    I always wanted a bird. Well, as a child we had parakeets and my roommate in college had one as well, but as an adult I dreamed of having an African Grey parrot.
    Never got it and now am too old – they live so long and I don't want to have to pass it along to one of my kids who may not want it. sigh

    Looking forward to pictures and stories!

  • Wooooow So pretty!!!

    We had two lory's at school..

    One whole black with fire-like markings
    One blue with colourfull markings..

    Both were so naughty.. When you had to go in their big cage.. They act like if they're going to eat you hahaha
    Many fresh years ran away so scared..
    They loved to taste honey with their tongues… hahaha

  • I found this info for you …

    Lories being fed a nectar substitute are far from ideal as house pets. The resulting droppings can be squirted by the birds - not very suitable for walls and carpets:eek:! The nectar needs changing two to four times daily to ensure it is safe to eat - impossible for most owners with busy work schedules away from home.
    However, lories fed on a dry-based diet and correctly hand-reared, do make excellent pets. They are still a little messier than a seed eating parrot - their droppings are looser and these birds are messy eaters - although the mess is usually confined to the cage. Perches
    need cleaning regularly. Due to their untidy eating they enjoy regular bathing or spraying with tepid water to keep their vivid feathers in top condition.

    But I agree with you all : they are BEAUTIFUL !

    These are a few pictures of my Agaporis birds aka Lovebirds. They aren't afraid of Bendji :eek: so we never leave them together when we can't keep an eye on them. :rolleyes:


  • Buana - They had a black lory?! Oooooh, I SO want one of those! Very, very rare and stunning! The ones in the picture are Rainbow Lorikeets, Swainsons from the look of it. I had a Rainbow, he was a green naped though, without the orange chest.

    tsjoe007 - your lovebirds are gorgeous! I had a pair of those years ago, really sweet birds. Lories are definately not for everyone, but i never found the squirty poos an issue - you just have to clean the cages daily! 😃 The less watery you make the door, the less squirty the poo's 🙂

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