• Ace - 16.2hh Flea Bitten Grey TB x Arab Gelding

    Annabelle - 16hh Black Welsh Sec D X Mare

    Figi - My Daughters 11.2hh Grey Welsh Sec A Gelding

    Daisy - My Sons Brown Sheltand X Mare

  • Wow!!!! I Like the Shetland sooo much!!!

    I always had a red and white shetland mare for myselfe!!! They're just lika a Basenji I think maybe even a bit more naugthy! hahahaha

    Great pack of horses you have!! And more pics will be great :D:D

  • I had a pony Appy-what a pain in the butt! But I loved him. As you say just like a Basenji-sometimes worse!

  • Your horses are very cute.
    Do you do any events with them?

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