• This is Rufus at the East of England Championship show last year, we took the caravan, the dogs love it!

    Having a snooze

    a rare waking moment

    This is what they loved watching, lots of different dogs, there was an enormous fenced in area for the dogs to run in.

  • He looks so comfy in that first pic bless him. I'm trying to convince hubby to get us a caravan or a mobile home when he gets out the army so we can use it for all the southern shows as it's going to be long drives when we move back to Scotland. So far he is having none of it so will have to work a bit harder in him me thinks:D

  • I always take the caravan to East of England, I do the Northern Basenji from the EOE showground, I also take it to Bournemouth because we like to stay in the forest, this year I am planning on taking it to Blackpool as well so we can go and see the Lake District.

    The dogs absolutely love it, they can't wait to get in when we arrive! You MUST get one its so relaxing.

  • I'll need to get you to convince John the next time you see him:D

  • Snoozing like a puppy! πŸ˜ƒ soo cute πŸ˜ƒ
    Love his head! Such a 'worry' look πŸ™‚

  • Look at the spots! Are you sure he isn't part Dal? He's so cute sleeping.

    Sugar would have jumped the fence in a single bound. Too bad

  • Beautiful b!
    Thanks for the photos.

  • I just love all the belly spots!

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