Hi from the UK

Hi and Welcome!

Im from the UK too and have recently bought my very first basenji who is called Maya. I can honestly say she has been a joy to own so far, the best decision i've made 😃


Welcome to our group. Do you have a breeder that you are working with?

so far only found 1 breeder planning a litter at the end of this year and thats Dencas aka tracey holmes, am i kinda on her waiting list been told to contact her again in october.

Tracey is lovely:D I presume it is Delilah that she is breeding.She had the uncle to my male until he sadly passed away at the end of last year:(

Hi and welcome to the forum

I am also in the UK, are you planning on showing your basenji or will it be just a pet?

I have 4 basenjis and am currently looking after my daughters 2 also. Perhaps we will see you at a show, even if its only to come and meet us all?

with my first Basenji it will be purely pet, but im hopefully going to look at showing in the future. i will hopefully be attending some shows this year to meet owners and there dogs, if there is one near enough for me to get to, unfortunatly at the moment i dont drive 😞

heres my 2 doggies



Roxy & Phoebe

Aww they look lovely, love the last pic:DHopefully see you around maybe at a show in the future then:D

Hello & welcome from Canada. Nice to have you here. Good luck with your future dog


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