Wakan Puzzled Aloria (Mystical Puzzled Love)

So on Thursday night, thanks to ChaseandZarahs mom, we got a new PUPPY!! Her name is Lori and she is super cute. Indy is not so thrilled with not being an only dog any more but I think it is out weighed by how much he loves his new sister. Here are some pics.

So far she has outsmarted him three times in a row. He was playing with a ball and she wanted it, he was doing his dominance postureing thing making noises and jumping up and down, and she ran in while he was making a scene and stole it! Hopefully he will smarten up.

Here is one of just Lori playing with one of their toys. She has just stolen it from Indy and is about to take of running around the house with him.

Indy, posing with Lori as she tries to lick him. It seems like she is obsessed with licking him. He doesn't seem to mind though.

Big brother and little sis hanging out on the off the floor bed I made them on the portch. One of our favorite activities on nice days is to hang out as a family there. I am super glad Lori is on board with this.

And after being tuckered out from so much playing and exploring a sleepy little pup snuggles up to her older brother.

So far we have had some great luck and she is integrating herself into the family. She follows Indy around the house and does everything he does, so far so good, until he teaches her his bad habits :-P. Night time kennel training is MUCH harder this time but Indy is helping us out by giving up his spot on the bed to sleep outside her kennel so she is not alone. That seems to help alot and once she is potty trained she can come up on the bed with us.

Hope you all like the pics!

Congrats on your new addition!!!

Very cute photos…thanks for sharing.

Congrats on your new little girl. Do you plan on showing her?

Naw…we show Indy and I am really really not interested in having any "accidents" so she will be spayed at about 6 months. She is really too young for it right now though. We are going to the vet tomorrow to get shots and discuss plans.

Those photos are so cute, I love the one of her sitting with Indy on his bed on the porch. I am so glad this worked out for you guys!

They are so adorable together, congrats on the new family member!!!:D

Lori is a real sweetie, I bet she runs rings around Indy. I love it when they do the distraction routine to get what they want.

Congrats on the new puppy!!!!!

Tanks for sharing those great pics!!!

Congrats! She is so adorable…and he looks like a great 'big brother'

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