Hi, anyone else from Iowa with a basenji?

I just purchased my basenji puppy, Genesis, 3 weeks ago. He is such a great puppy. I am so thrilled with how well behaved he is and how fun he is to have around!

welcome to the forums, you'll have a ton of info to help out in those first weeks. 🙂

Welcome to the forum! We love pictures here.. 🙂

Welcome (from Minnesota) to our pack! Tell us more about your pup.
If this is not your first beastie be prepared for an interesting ride 😉

🙂 I have a basenji mix at home! Black and white, but this is my first pure breed basenji. He is such a doll. I love him so much. The mix is 13 years old. I have pictures at home, but I am at work now and have not uploaded them to my computer. He is brindle, a sweet heart!

Hello & welcome from Canada. Congrats on your new boy.


Welcome… who did you get your Basenjis from, if you don't mind sharing....

Welcome to the forum!

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