• Hi all!
    I guess I'm several years late in joining, but, better late than never!
    My name is Erika. I have a 12 year old son Ryan. We have Rosey (Kazor's Savannah Wildrose), our 8.5 year old red and white basenji; Trevor, a 3-4 year old Boston terrier; Steepen, a 15 year old cat with FIV; and some marine & pond fish. We live in Hemet, which is in Southern Calif.
    We've had Rosey since she was just a lil' pup, from a breeder in Yorba Linda. This summer she was diagnosed with Cushing's disease, but has been doing fine so far <knocking on="" wood="">She also has degenerative disc disease, possible beginnings of Fanconi, hip dysplasia, and multiple lipomas. Believe it or not, Rosey's always been a healthy dog up to recently.
    She is trustworthy in the house when we're not home, which is more than I can say about Trevor. She is a good family dog, and loves sleeping under the blankets every night with me!
    Here's a couple pics from a recent gift exchange thru a BT Forum.</knocking>

  • Welcome to the forum. It's a lot of fun and lots of great information to be found. It sounds like you have your hands full! I'm sorry to hear about Rosey's recent diagnosis, but it sounds like you are giving her wonderful care. I'll keep good thoughts for her staying well!

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